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of Every International Assignment

effective expat partner programs preventing loss of human capital

Did you know that 60% of all international assignments fail due to the partner feeling unhappy?

Provide your employees' partner with….

  • Programs that focus on dealing with the day-to-day challenges of an Expat Partner in relation to Health, Career, Family & Friends and Local Life

  • Tools to overcome these challenges and transform them in real opportunities.

  • Licensed coaching and masterclasses to professionally guide your Expat partners through their journey

  • Support from expatriates for expatriates before, during and after the international assignment


Poor partner adjustment is the greatest cause for early termination of international assignments.

(We know what the repercussion of a failed assignment means to you and your organization)

Your employees' partners are their greatest source of support and comfort. Unfortunately, the partner often feels neglected, unhappy and unimportant.

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    Coaching programs to support the ambitions and well-being of the Expat partners.

    Enhance your human capital by taking an active interest in the well-being of the Expat partners.

    Take action now before the damage is done...

    • How often do you hear that the Expat partner is deeply unhappy?

    • How does this affect the expat's well-being and work?

    • How often are international assignments cut short due to failing family life?

    • What was the pricetag of such a failed assignment?

    Take control of the situation to prevent disappointment and avoid family crisis.

    Having no effective strategy to ensure the happiness of the Expat partner can result in a failed assignment with significant financial loss.

    • Strengthen your reputation as an expat employer by showing you really care for your employees and their loved ones, thus attracting and retaining loyal top talent.

    • Have highly productive and motivated expatriates with partners that are more than just a support system.

    • Have happy, healthy, and thriving expat families that are fully equipped for success.

    • Acknowledge and support the well-being of the Expat partner as they are key to the success of the expat assignment.

    Do not wait until the damage of a failed expat assignment is done.

    Take control of the situation.

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      • Each expat assignment comes with a total hard cost of $400.000 to $1.5 million per expat. That is a lot to lose should the assignment be a failure.
      • A failing assignment results in the loss of valuable intellectual knowledge and skills.
      • Your reputation as a business that cares for its employees – including  expat families – makes a powerful statement that is likely to attract top quality individuals and further the success of your business.

      What are the main reasons for unhappy Expat Partners?

      • She is left home alone with nobody to turn to.
      • She is unprepared for what life will be like in a foreign country.
      • She receives no support from the company responsible for the expat assignment.
      • She feels like an extension of.
      • She is stigmatized as a ‘trailing partner’.
      • She receives no opportunities for career development & personal growth.
      • She has feelings of regret and inferiority.
      • She is totally reliant on her working partner.
      • She has no career prospects after returning to home country.

      By signing up for our Expat partner programs you will:

      • Reduce the number of failed international assignments.

      • Avoid unexpected costs and losses to your business.

      • Attract top quality expat candidates for hardship countries.

      • Learn from our expertise and gain valuable knowledge that will allow you to upgrade your services.

      • Reduce overall healthcare costs by addressing pitfalls before they occur.

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        No company wants the assignment to result in a disaster. THEIR SUCCESS IS YOUR SUCCESS

        We understand your challenge and care deeply.

        • We have seen first-hand the damage caused when expat families are forced to return home early or when families are torn apart and destroyed beyond repair.
        • Often expat families simply aren’t prepared enough for the changes and challenges they will be facing in this new chapter in their lives.

        Your Expatriate Expert

        Ready to help you succeed!

        Nathalie Nordemann

        Health & Well-being coach

        Having been an expatriate for 23 years and making full circle has given me ample experience. When I left the Netherlands in 1995 and moved to London I was a brand manager with a large logistic company .

        I was brought up with the mantra: ‘have a career of your own this will give you status, money and respect ‘ That all changed when my husband and I decided to discover the world as expatriates. My status became: Mr Reumers wife. I had no career of my own and often felt stuck with young kids at home. The mantra kept playing in the back of my mind.

        That unfulfilled feeling took me on a road of self discovery and deep soul searching: who am I, what am I here for, where do I fit in. It was a journey I would not have wanted to miss.
        I also realized I could have been better prepared and certainly could have used some help from the company or from someone who had been there!

        Eventually I chose the path of Health & Well-being. My mission is to help other partners through my experiences, knowledge and expertise make their journey around the world a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling one!

        Ireen Branders

        InnerLifeSkills Coach
        (Life-Business-Enneagram) & Licensed InnerLifeSkills Trainer.

        In 2001 I moved to Singapore where I worked as an expatriate for DHL Regional office.
        Many years later I got married and became an Accompanying Partner.

        We moved to various parts of the world and for the first time in my life I got confronted with not being able to work.

        My ego got a hit and it knocked me off my game. I felt I was no longer seen as Ireen Branders but as the wife of as if I no longer counted.

        I now see that this change was a gift to explore new opportunities and self-growth. But I also realize that these feelings of loss of identity could have been resolved sooner and my progress would have accelerated if only I could have found a program to guide and to prepare me for this journey.

        Today my dream is that all Accompanying Partners can fully express who they truly are and take the international assignment as an opportunity for self-growth and development.

        Let us show you how to avoid expat failure

        We want to get to know more about your expatriate program and how we can help your employees and their partners

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