We guide you to be active, creative, connected, and grounded; staying culturally aware and comfortable in the uncomfortable

Being an expat partner requires a lot of skills. You not only organize the move, settle everyone in a new home, and- if you have children- find a good school, but in all you need to do you want to be proactive, adaptable, culturally competent, flexible, empathetic and have a 360-degree thinking skill.
That is a lot and can be very overwhelming.
As an expat partner, we tend to forget who we are and put ourselves last.
Our dreams and desires are put on hold, identities are lost, ambitions forgotten. 
But times have changed.
In today’s world more and more women are claiming a leading role, having strong careers, following their passions, ambitions and dreams.
Trailing partner is a word of the past.
You are the other half of the equation and don’t need to feel like a second class citizen where your self-esteem has taken a beating and you feel that you have given up your real self and become less of a person.

Keep Shining

How different would your life be if you could...

  • Navigate practical and emotional hiccups with less stress

  • Make the transition to a new country both exciting and easy

  • Have the tools to cope with challenges the family may experience

  • Understand how culture influences how people think and behave

  • Discover the magic and joy of being an expat partner

  • Enhance your identity

  • Keep your body and mind healthy & happy

  • Activate your inner wisdom as a tool to guide you as needed

  • Find true joy in your new life

And, one day you hear yourself say the challenges you faced were one of the best gifts of expat life.

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    Expat Partners have permission to be selfishly selfish

    As an expat partner you are the rock of the family. You may feel as if the whole world is resting on your shoulders.

    What do you to charge your own batteries? Are you ignoring yourself?

    It doesn’t have to be that way.

    We are here to help you upgrade your skills to become adaptable, be culturally competent, combat loneliness, step out of your comfort zone, control your doubts and bring out the absolute best in yourself so you can make the assignment the greatest experience of your life.

    Being unable to create a meaningful and healthy life can result in:

    • Failing the assignment

    • Putting your marriage/relationship in distress

    • Feelings of inferiority and inadequacy

    • Coming second to your partner

    • Becoming isolated & lonely

    • Declining health & happiness

    • Feeling hopeless and demotivated

    Our programs will help you to

    • Feel empowered, respected, and confident.

    • Become healthy and strong, both mentally and physically.

    • Lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

    • Discover your hidden gems of potential and talents.

    • Realize your dreams and make them your reality.

    • Become flexible, proactive and adaptable.

    • Create stability and restore comfort at home.

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      We hear you.

      We understand that embarking on a journey of this magnitude is a mind-blowing adventure.

      We really care about you as we know how it feels.
      Like you we have felt overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, ignored, anxious, lonely and even depressed.

      We know that if we had been better prepared and supported we could have done things better and with more ease. We could have grabbed opportunities sooner.

      To blossom and flourish during one of the most valuable and exciting adventures of your life doesn’t have to remain a dream. No, it can become a reality.

      Our ER programs have helped many expat partners.
      International assignments become positive, life-changing experiences as our clients continue to thrive for years to come.

      Your Expatriate Expert

      Ready to help you succeed!

      Nathalie Nordemann

      Health & Well-being coach

      Having been an expatriate for 23 years and making full circle has given me ample experience. When I left the Netherlands in 1995 and moved to London I was a brand manager with a large logistic company .

      I was brought up with the mantra: ‘have a career of your own this will give you status, money and respect ‘

      That all changed when my husband and I decided to discover the world as expatriates. My status became: Mr Reumers wife. I had no career of my own and often felt stuck with young kids at home. The mantra kept playing in the back of my mind.

      That unfulfilled feeling took me on a road of self discovery and deep soul searching: who am I, what am I here for, where do I fit in. It was a journey I would not have wanted to miss.

      I also realized I could have been better prepared and certainly could have used some help from the company or from someone who had been there!

      Eventually I chose the path of Health & Well-being. As a coach and mentor my mission is to help other partners through my experiences, knowledge and expertise make their journey around the world a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling one!

      Ireen Branders

      InnerLifeSkills Coach
      (Life-Business-Enneagram) & Licensed InnerLifeSkills Trainer.

      In 2001 I moved to Singapore where I worked as an expatriate for DHL Regional office.
      Many years later I got married and became an Accompanying Partner.

      We moved to various parts of the world and for the first time in my life I got confronted with not being able to work.

      My ego got a hit and it knocked me off my game. I felt I was no longer seen as Ireen Branders but as the wife of as if I no longer counted.

      I now see that this change was a gift to explore new opportunities and self-growth. But I also realize that these feelings of loss of identity could have been resolved sooner and my progress would have accelerated if only I could have found a program to guide and to prepare me for this journey.

      Today my dream is that all Accompanying Partners can fully express who they truly are and take the international assignment as an opportunity for self-growth and development.

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        What other Expat Partners are saying:

        Informative. Comprehensive. Well thought through and well structured.
        Very helpful.
        I think the modules are excellent.
        I cannot stress enough that open communication of your experiences with family is very important: it strengthens the relationship.
        Promote expat life!!
        It is indeed true that if you don’t master the language it is a major impediment.
        I wish I had known all this before embarking on this journey.

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